People with a disability often get minimal if any comprehensive sexual health and relationships education. Sexual health education is essential for keeping people safe and allowing for maximum development. At Sexual Health Counselling and Education Services we start this education with an assessment of sexual knowledge ( using the A.S.K tool) and base our education on the gaps in the persons knowledge.

We use specialised teaching and learning resources including anatomically correct puppets, simple line drawings and DVDs made specifically for people with an intellectual disability.

We specialise in working with people with problematic sexualised behaviours and are accredited to use the Armadilo-S tool for assessing a persons risk for sexual offending.

Like other people in our community people with an intellectual disability may have trauma as a result of child sexual abuse or sexual assault. Unfortunately this is often left unresolved. Sexual Health Counselling and Education Services will work with clients to help  make sense of these experiences.